For connections please contact the project manager at the relevant IDNO/DNO.

Part 3 of the Electricity (Connection Standards of Performance) Regulations define the services and standards for unmetered connections which must be met by an Electricity Network Operator.  These Regulations cover provision of quotes for new and alterations to existing connections, as well as time-scales for completion of works.

The provision of the UMS Certificate and a supply agreement establishes a Connection Agreement using the National Terms of Connection with the Electricity Network Operator.  With this in place, supplies of electricity illegally taken is subject to action under the Electricity Act.  Any unmetered equipment connection without a valid connection agreement and associated EAC Certificate may be considered as an illegal connection.

Emergency Response

For emergency response please contact the relevant IDNO/DNO contact numbers, in an emergency call ring 105 who will arrange to remove immediate danger within 2 hours.


Fault Response Times

After a fault or temporary damage repair then please contact the relevant IDNO/DNO contact number to arrange permanent repairs.

The minimum unmetered response and fault repair times are defined in the Electricity (Connection Standards of Performance) Regulations, as summarised below:

Emergency response to remove immediate danger to the public or to property arising from the electricity distributor’s distribution system

2 hours

High-priority fault repair involving traffic lights

2 calendar days

High-priority fault repair not involving traffic lights

10 working days

Multiple-unit fault repair

20 working days

Single-unit fault repair

25 working days

Failure to respond to an emergency response is subject to a payment of £65, other failures are £15 per working day, after the required time scale. Subject to exceptions defined in the Regulations.

UMSO - Unmetered Supplies Operator